Images showing the development of work inspired by decorative architectural pediments found around the N10 area. Printed onto pre-used paper from the area, these images are cut and fashioned into new forms, themselves inspired by architecture. The sculptures are then sited within less easily recognisable Muswell Hill / N10 architecture with the view to bringing to question what any environment really consists of. A series of giclee prints were produced and exhibitied along side the sculptures at the Local Gallery in Muswell Hill for the exhibition RE-Vision.


Text on the Re-Vision Exhibition by Alice Lobb

'At first glance I see stark contrasts; multicoloured growths sprawling up monotone columns, intricate handcraft alongside peeling paintwork, organic sculptural wreaths hanging in concrete jungles. I blink and there are heads of worldly bearded figures, short-legged gremlins, the tails of fantastical sea creatures. As my eyes focus on the intricate patterns of the paper cut sculptures I am hypnotised by their detail, following each curve and crevice as it undulates over the 1940s stonework upon which it has taken temporary residence.'

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