Anya Beaumont is an artist, mapper and lecturer. Growing up in the rural north of England and then moving Manchester and London, contrasts in the physical environment and its influence have been a significant factor in her practice.  Within her observations of place, concerns of contemporary life infiltrate the pieces and sit alongside musings on Britain's architectural story. This is most often manifested in the obsessive, labour intensive cutting and arranging of a great many paper pieces but also the use of artificial colours and media applied to organic forms. 


Frequently using recycled materials gathered from the site she is responding to, her work is often, but not exclusively, made from paper.  More recent works have been adding a further layer to her practice where she has been re-siting works into the environments that inspired them, taking photographs and then working onto the surface of the prints. She also works in recycled plastics, fabrics, resins and metal.

Anya received Distinction for her MA in Fine Art Theory and Practice from Middlesex University in 2004 and has since been engaged in a number of projects including residencies, commissions and making large scale maps. Anya relocated to Corsham from London in 2015.




 Spray (2016)