Works in the public realm.

Paper Trail (100,000 Cuts)

Paper Trail (100,000 Cuts) is over 5 m long and in three connected sections, one alluding to the areas history, one a contemporary depiction of the borough and the third suggesting possible futures. The initial objects for this work were cut out maps of the area from which shadow drawings were made onto the donated paper. The work is made by layering the paper behind each map that had been cut out by hand, and then projecting a light through them to enable Anya to draw the shadows they cast onto the paper collaged behind. This process was then repeated with the next layer included and so on. Anya kept a blog on the development of the work that describes and illustrates the process in more detail, this can be found at:
The work was completed in March 2011 and it is now on permanent loan to artsdepot.

Mapping Muswell - An N10 Paper Project 2012

Anya went on to produce a second mapping project based on the area defined by the N10 postal district. This work is even larger at 7metres wide and involved a more in depth approach to involving the local community. Anya achieved this by conducting a series of residencies whilst the work was in progress and liasing with various community groups as well as producing a facebook page and keeping a blog which can be read on this website.

The facebook page documents the progress of the project from the very beginning - please see
For more images and information on this work please see this websites menu bar. 
This installation is also now on loan to Muswell Hill Library and may be viewed during normal Library opening hours. 

Site Responsive paper installation for Trinity Buoy Wharf 

Commissioned by the Board of the Trust for Trinity Buoy Wharf to produce an installation using scrap paper generated by the businesses and users of Trinity Buoy Wharf Anya has created a relief for one of their public foyers. She has also made a steel sculpture 'Trinity' that is installed in their Container City. For more images please see

The Muswell Column 

Purchased by Wetherspoons for their new flagship venue The Mossy Well. Located in one of the downstairs bars this work can be seen with acompanying imges of the original architectural features that inspired the work. A further two Muswell Hill inspired pieces of work can be seen upstairs. 

 'The Spirit of Discovery' - Work for Saga Cruises New Ship

A series of 18 new pieces of work commissioned by Saga cruises will be installed in the corridors on their newest Ship - The Spirit of Discovery which is due to be launched in 2019. These new works are paper relief sculptures of clouds, made from new and vintage papers presented as 6 triptychs. The will form part of an extensive collection of specially commissioned art work by contemporary British artists.